Our closets hold more than clothes.

Our closets hold a lifetime of memories, glimpses of who we are, who we were, and who we want to be. My closet holds my past- concert tickets, party dresses, locks from first hair cuts, my mother’s old riding cap, worn luggage, my wedding dress. My closet also holds my future- a jacket anxiously awaiting my children’s first ‘big hill’ sledding trip, a dress to host my first Thanksgiving in, and a hat to gift my Grandmother at our next visit. But, most importantly, it houses my present- the comfy stuff I cuddle my husband in, the grass stained jeans from days in the yard with my kids, and the overalls in which I paint the walls of our first home.

So many hours have been spent in my closet with my girlfriends, my mother, my daughter, in solitude; laughing, going through boxes, and trying things on. It is where all that is ‘me’ abides. It is my time machine; I can travel forward and back through the years  when I am there. That feeling is one that I carry with me into this virtual space.

Step inside…