Worth Its Weight In Wood

It’s the simple things in life that truly please us. I decided to dedicate a post to the best $30 I have spent in a while, when I caught myself humming as I gazed at my new firewood rack.

It’s minimalistically adorable, if you ask me.


Now… Let me take you back… To a time when a heaping, dirty, wood-chippy pile of logs littered the floor by my favorite cathedral to floor window, diminishing the tidy appearance of my foyer, no matter how many times a day I swept. A time where: On below-freezing Winter mornings I would trek outside for a few pieces at a time, and every hour hence: repeat until bed, in an attempt to NOT have a pile of wood on my floor at all…

(Shudders) End the nightmare!

Well, it only took me a year, but I finally picked up this little gem and my world has already brightened a little.



Also- just because it is an amazing piece of firewood art; lets take a minute to appreciate this random google image that I found:


How do you store your firewood indoors? Do you have a better system? Tell me about it!!

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