Weekend {We’re Eloping!} Warrior

New Years Eve!! I have 3 weeks to make some concrete choices, and all I do is stare at Pintrest and fret.

Traditional is not really my thing. Besides a 20 year daydream of this dress: I have never had any wedding fantasies…

The whole ‘walking down the aisle while everyone stares at you’ (don’t trip, smile, don’t trip, don’t trip, did I remember to put clothes on?), ‘reading sentimental vows aloud’ thing really kicks my stage fright into super overdrive. So; Town Hall, it is. Then whisked to the W. And then home again, home again, jiggidy jig, with a week to spare before…

My weakness… Parties. I can’t even fathom not throwing a party for this occasion… So a party we shall throw! Cocktails, dancing, pig roast, gorgeous venue, great playlist… But my decorative tastes are just so slightly random… So even though I have had 2 months to plan, I still have not because I can barely commit to anything, except the man!

I love when people get all festive and dressed up, so I have cornered the theme, Roaring 20’s. Thennnnnn, when I saw that Snookie just had a flapper wedding, this was me:


But only momentarily, because **** Snookie.

And then I got excited again.


So, now the wedding dress debacle. To elope in a traditional gown? Or get wild in a sequined, short, gold, New Years dress and be all rebel about it?


I can’t decide. So feel free to pipe up and offer advice.

Because, somedays I’m all about (minus the arrest):


And others, I’m more:


I keep hearing that I may regret not wearing a traditional wedding dress, and I can see that… But… But… But… Sequins are so more my jam…

Help, ladies… What do you think for the New Years elopement dress?

2 thoughts on “Weekend {We’re Eloping!} Warrior

  1. Auntie Cindy says:

    Go With the gold sequin dress! It’s New Year’s Eve … Be original, break away from the traditional gown. Since you want a flapper celebration party in 2 months, a gold sequin wedding dress would compliment the party theme.

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