#WIW // What Happened When I Didn’t Wash My Face For A Full Year

I gave up washing my face as my New Year’s Resolution last year. It sounds crazy, right?

I will tell you why and how I did it, and what the results were, but I am not a Dermatologist, by any stretch of the imagination, so, as always, please do your own research before attempting.

All through my 20’s I broke out. Around my chin and forehead mainly. I tried everything to find the perfect balance of what my skin needed, but nothing worked. I tried Proactive, but it was so harsh my skin felt like it was on fire endlessly. It also did nothing for my problem. I tried Bare Minerals makeup, hoping that a cleaner, mineral makeup would help, but alas, no dice. I used Cetaphil every night and morning, and truth be told, I really liked their moisturizer, but it didn’t provide me any solution. I was ready to surrender to my less than fantastic skin…

I had started reading up on holistic and health blogs, trying, in general, to live as clean as possible, for my children’s sake. One thing I kept stumbling on was Coconut Oil. Virgin Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, to be more specific. I read all about it’s antibacterial properties, when applied to cuts, scars, and wounds. I read all about its anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties. All THAT sounded good to me. Maybe I could try it out as a moisturizer? It sounded kind of crazy to me to put oil on my face. A little too risky. But then, I remembered an esthetician friend of mine telling me years ago that she put EVOO on her face every night…

I decided to try it on a temporary basis. If it didn’t go well I would just hide in the house until I looked better. I needed to know that it was definitely the Coconut Oil that was either helping or not helping though. For the first week, I used NOTHING else. Just whatever water happened to hit my face in the shower. I removed all makeup by smearing CO heavy on my face and then wiping it off with a soft towel. It was the best makeup remover I had EVER used. Bonus #1. I started putting it on in the morning. A few minutes before makeup, I would put on an excessive amount, and pat it off right before application. My makeup went on so much easier and smoother. Bonus #2.

Okayyyy, ready for Bonus #3???

My skin cleared up COMPLETELY within the first week. I haven’t had any skin issues ever since. Not one breakout and barely a blemish in an entire year! Not only that, but I actually get compliments on my skin frequently now.

Bonus #4… It is a natural sunscreen, with an SPF of 10, believe it or not.

So, not only did it clear up my skin, replace my toxic, chemical laden sunscreen, improve the appearance of my makeup, reduce the signs of aging, eliminated moisture loss in my skin, and become my favorite lip gloss, it smells great, and feels good. CO makes my skin feels soft and moisturized, not slimy or greasy, like you may think.

I buy my Virgin Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil at my local supermarket in the natural section. I have seen the same brand at many other grocery stores as well. I live and die by this one…


I like the size of the tub. It lasts about 2 months, cost about $10, and has a wide mouth so it is easy to stick your hand in. It will be hard and white when you aren’t using it, but the second it hits your fingers, it turns into a clear liquid, due to a 76 degree melting point. Also, when purchasing: if it is not unrefined, it does not have the same benefits.

That’s my story. I will never wash my face again!

Have you, or will you try this? Let me know your experience!

***Remember… we all have different skin types and needs, so please do your research before trying this. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! XO

4 thoughts on “#WIW // What Happened When I Didn’t Wash My Face For A Full Year

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I love coconut oil. It’s my go to for anything that needs moisturizing. I put it on face (wash face with it too), skin, hair. I do oil pulls for my teeth. I consume it, and feed it to my pets. It’s a great oil and so versatile. Awesome post! 🙂


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