I heart: You’re Welcome, Men: I Just Made Your Life Simple

Hey Gents. I’m here to help you out today.

Do you want to NOT shop, NOT wrap, NOT spend a lot, AND look at models in lingerie WITHOUT getting in trouble? Do you want to do pretty much nothing, but get a big gold star on Valentines Day? Cool. Here’s how:

Lingerie. I know, I know… I said no shopping and no spending a lot. When I said lingerie, most likely that big, expensive, crowded, awkward, mall store popped into your mind. Well, that store finally has some decent competition.

Adore Me is a chic online lingerie shop. It costs half as much as you are probably used to dishing out. You can either sign up for a monthly membership, where it charges you $39.99 per month and you or your girl can go online and chose what you want, or you can just make a one time purchase.

Consider this, Men: A monthly subscription means you will definitely see your Lady in lingerie at LEAST once a month.

adoreme2 adoreme3

If you are having a tough month financially, you can click the ‘skip a month’ option. If you want to cancel, its easy, you just cancel.

Being a blogger; not only did Adore Me send me out this hot little number for… ahem… testing purposes:


They also gave me a PROMO LINK for my readers. Instead of $39.99, your first month is $25.00. Seriously, between dinner, flowers, and tickets to 50 Shades of Grey; you don’t need to break the bank any further. $25.00 for hot lingerie sounds pretty budget-worthy.

Here is the PROMO LINK:


Happy Shopping! Don’t get too distracted! 😉

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