I heart: This Powerful Message Will Transform Your Day For The Better

Many a wise man has said something along the lines of: ‘There is only fear and love’, but have you ever taken a moment to look at your entire life from the position of that one statement? What do you do out of fear every day? What do you pour your whole heart into?

It isn’t always easy to be objective with ourselves, and even harder sometimes to be honest, but if you can take a step back and truly look at your life with new eyes, you may be surprised at how much of what you do, is done because you are afraid not to. Break free of fear. Live your full life. Live it in a state of love only. Radiate love, and love will find its way back to surround you completely.

Whenever I find myself feeling beat down by life, I acknowledge that I am receiving the same energy that I am already giving out. I ask myself what love I have immersed myself in today. I question what I have done out of fear. If I am unable to be objective with myself, I seek objectiveness in simple ways, such as this video clip:


Need help finding your center? Try something: Sit somewhere quiet for a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself smaller than a seed. Visualize yourself standing on the dirt, as the seed pushes its way through the earth, coming to life. Imagine the rumble of the Earth, the sound, the shaking under your feet, the strength of seed pushing through. This is a strong feeling, a rejuvenating feeling, a motivational feeling. Now take the power and love and perseverance you just witnessed in that seed and fill yourself with it. Open your eyes.

I hope your days are full of love!



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