I heart: Escape The Zombie Apocolypse

We have all seen the satirical Facebook memes showing groups of people with their heads in their phones, citing that the zombie apocalypse has already begun, have we not? We can all chuckle and agree that technology has become a problem in terms of personal growth and emotional progress (not to mention its affect on our relationships), but what, beyond that, are we doing to ensure we aren’t losing ourselves to the epidemic as well? Being aware of your personal purpose on this planet is the most important step, beyond first recognizing that you may be using your devices as a veil to hide behind, avoiding your own growth.

What is your personal purpose? The answer is likely buried deep within you, and possibly has been buried by the other, more responsible, purposes you have taken on over time. Being the best parent, worker, home owner, having the highest credit score, the biggest retirement savings, or the greenest lawn, may all be things that feel like they are your purpose. Try and dig a little deeper. What was in your five year old mind as you lay in the grass, marveling at each blade? What were your dreams before you realized you were too “busy” or “old” to dream them? Go there in your mind. Feel that feeling again.

In The Alchemist, this is called your Personal Legend, but you can call it anything you like, as long as you do something today, and every other day from here on out to bring your soul closer to your reason for being. You are all incredibly special, and none of you are here by chance. What is in you that you exist to offer the world?

Find it. Live it. Love it. Become it.

And with gratitude for your gifts, I thank you for being here with me on this beautiful planet.


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